LinguaPolis is a fun language-learning board game for adults.

What is LinguaPolis Esperanto?


LinguaPolis Esperanto is a fun language-learning board game in development.

Walk around LinguaPolis and practice speaking Esperanto in everyday situations!

We are a two-member team (a linguist and an artist) passionate about language learning and gaming. We developed and commercialized two language games – LinguaPolis New York and LinguaPolis Moscow – that have been played and loved by language learners and teachers in 17 countries.  


We are now up for a new challenge: creating a game for the international auxiliary language Esperanto. Our game is simple. The game board consists of various locations around LinguaPolis, an imaginary transnational city that unites prominent landmarks and cultural objects of the world (e.g., Eiffel Tower, Leshan Giant Buddha in China). As the players travel from the airport to the hotel, they experience Esperanto in a variety of real-life speaking situations: shopping, navigating public transportation, going to an opera, and sharing their life story with a friendly cabbie. The only way to make it to your final destination is to communicate effectively (in Esperanto) and mind the budget!

Why play?

Board Game

Esperanto is much easier to learn than natural foreign languages. Yet, it gives a full-scale language-learning experience and connects language aficionados around the globe. ​ 

  1 Is not a commercial project

LinguaPolis Esperanto is not a commercial project: our goal is, capitalizing on our previous experience with LinguaPolis New York and LinguaPolis Moscow, to create a game that introduces the world of language-learning for hesitant novices and supports Esperanto masters out there. We will share the resources developed as a part of this project (the box game, the print-n-play PDF, and the digital version with Jamboard) for free for everyone to use.  

Please, notice it's a test version,
and any feedback, corrections, comments are very welcome. 


Support us!

Any donations are welcome and highly appreciated! We also invite volunteers who speak Esperanto to join the project and play with us.  

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