LinguaPolis is a fun language-learning board game for adults.




What is LinguaPolis?

LinguaPolis is a fun language-learning board game for adults.

Walk around New York and practice speaking English in everyday situations!

The game is very simple. The board consists of various locations in New York. As the players travel from the airport to the hotel, they experience the real New York: wallets disappear, traffic gets crazy, and yes, once in a while, a friendly homeless person asks for a dollar.  

The only way to make it to your final destination is to communicate effectively (in English) and mind your budget.

Why play?

Board Game

Speaking a foreign language is not easy, even if you know the language quite well. No wonder many non-native English speakers avoid speaking in public, and, as a result, seldom improve their language skills. We tried to create a safe, fun, yet realistic environment, where you can slowly warm up to speaking English.​ 

  1 Speak a real language!

Instead of drilling irregular verbs and retelling meaningless stories, practice speaking about things that actually happen in everyday life: shopping, driving, going out, hailing a taxi, etc. 

  1 Practice makes perfect!

By rehearsing simple everyday conversations with LinguaPolis, speaking in real life will become much easier. 

  1 Develop language stress-resistance!

If you manage to survive a medical drama in New York in one of our game scenarios, ordering espresso in real life will be a piece of cake. 

  1 It's teamwork!

Learn from other participants and share what you know. 

  1 Explore New York!

“Visit” all the city’s main landmarks, become familiar with local retail chains and specialty shops, learn to use the currency, be a smart tourist. 

What is in the box?


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